Islamophobia and South Asians in America

We are an anti-Islamophobic, feminist coalition focusing on South Asian Muslim women experiences in post-9/11 North America. 


Coalition: Challenging Religious Intolerance & Chauvinism

Our Goals

  • Educate the academic community about microaggressions, institutionalized Islamophobia, and discrimination faced by South Asian Muslims in America
  • Spread awareness of female South Asian-American Muslim experiences with Islamophobia, post-colonial oppression, and gender-based discrimination
  • Collect and compile resources from South Asian Muslim women in academia

Main Takeaways

  1. Islamophobia affects the South Asian American community as a whole, not just those who are Muslim.
  2. South Asian non-Muslims, not just Westerners, hold and perpetuate Islamophobic attitudes in South Asian and Western countries. 
  3. It is important to examine Islamophobia with a multifaceted analysis incorporating racism and imperialism. For example, due to colonialist and imperialist perceptions, South Asian women are perceived as oppressed and in need of saving from South Asian men.
  4. Rigid categorizations, such as within the academy, leads to a level of erasure of Muslim voices; Muslim scholars and international faculty are cast as external to the US.
  5. The most accurate way to learn about South Asian Muslim women experiences is through personal testimonies.

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