State Violence and Anti-Blackness

We are a group of students who are concerned with both visible and underlying practices of anti-Blackness that span across the institutions of the United States. To us, this topic is in urgent need of addressing by all Americans. Black people are incarcerated, murdered, disenfranchised, and otherwise marginalized on a constant basis in this nation, and anti-Blackness is a foundational principle to its political philosophy. Therefore, we all bear the responsibility of trying to deconstruct these systems of oppression and disrupt the anti-Blackness inherent in our own thinking. In this project, we sought out to educate ourselves about specific oppressive institutions in our society, and to bring greater attention to organizations that are doing powerful work in protecting Black lives and their communities. The implicit meaning of our work is very strongly related to what it means to be an accomplice specifically for Black folks who are victims of systemic violence, and we are signing a contract of accomplicity. By this, we mean strengthening and making concrete our willingness to make great sacrifice in the name of anti-racist feminism and amplifying marginalized voices to the best of our ability. Our hope for what we are sharing in our website is that others can learn about anti-Blackness in specific societal institutions, especially young people. The more educated young people are about anti-Blackness, the more likely we are to be able to dismantle it in the future. Additionally, we hope that others with the financial means will take the opportunity to donate to these wonderful organizations. Visit our website at

By Esther O’Leary, Andrea Siame, Emily Bunnell, Hannah Stark, and Willa Grifka

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