Indigenous Struggles and Decolonization

Sonya Hadley, Isa Hoffman, and Catherine Donson The following work is meant to serve as an educational resource that highlights Indigenous initiatives, issues of decolonization, and land justice, especially as they relate to the area in and around the Claremont Colleges and to the Tongva people whose land the colleges are on. With a focusContinue reading “Indigenous Struggles and Decolonization”

State Violence and Anti-Blackness

We are a group of students who are concerned with both visible and underlying practices of anti-Blackness that span across the institutions of the United States. To us, this topic is in urgent need of addressing by all Americans. Black people are incarcerated, murdered, disenfranchised, and otherwise marginalized on a constant basis in this nation,Continue reading “State Violence and Anti-Blackness”

Fascism in the US Today

Our Anti-Racist Feminist Action Team (AFAT) created an informative guide on fascism in the US today with three sections: Fascism 101, Patriarchy and Fascism, and Class and Fascism. The goal of this guide is to create an accessible, easy to read, informative site on Fascism in the US today, because education is the first andContinue reading “Fascism in the US Today”

Immigrant Human Rights

Our website is located at This website contains research about how COVID-19 has been handled in ICE detention centers and resources to help with the human rights violations that have taken place. It also contains other important information regarding citizenship, immigration enforcement, systemic racism, and human rights. We also talk about solidarity in coalitionContinue reading “Immigrant Human Rights”

Agriculture and Climate Justice

Celia, Flo, Grace, Ella, and Desa We are students from Scripps College who raise awareness for the working conditions of California farmworkers in agriculture. To access our presentation and the links in our presentation, please access this link

Migrant and Immigrant Human Rights: Reproductive Justice Toolkit

Core 3: Anti-racist Feminist Coalition Teams for Migrant and Immigrant Human Rights Kaitlyn Chin, Kesi Jackson, Tess Gibbs Purpose Statement: This toolkit focuses on the reproductive and birth rights of migrants and immigrants in detainment, including in detention centers, prisons, and ICE custody. In learning about the recent Project South whistleblower case of non-consenting hysterectomiesContinue reading “Migrant and Immigrant Human Rights: Reproductive Justice Toolkit”

The United States is at War:

The breakdown of the War on Drugs Disproportionate Effect on Women of Color Website AFCT Coalition: Anti-Blackness, State Violence, and Black Lives Matter Our Purpose: Through our work and research, we have created a project that brings more awareness about the relationships between mass incarceration, anti-blackness, the long term impact of intergenerational trauma, and theContinue reading “The United States is at War:”

Islamophobia and South Asians in America

We are an anti-Islamophobic, feminist coalition focusing on South Asian Muslim women experiences in post-9/11 North America.  Website: Coalition: Challenging Religious Intolerance & Chauvinism Our Goals Educate the academic community about microaggressions, institutionalized Islamophobia, and discrimination faced by South Asian Muslims in America Spread awareness of female South Asian-American Muslim experiences with Islamophobia, post-colonialContinue reading “Islamophobia and South Asians in America”

Women in Coalition [sample]

Website: Coalition: Research, Action and Social Change The Center for Women In Coalition is the research, policy and activist wing of the Department of Women’s Studies at the University of California-Riverside. It was founded in October 1995 by women faculty from across the disciplines in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. CWICContinue reading “Women in Coalition [sample]”