Indigenous Struggles and Decolonization

Sonya Hadley, Isa Hoffman, and Catherine Donson The following work is meant to serve as an educational resource that highlights Indigenous initiatives, issues of decolonization, and land justice, especially as they relate to the area in and around the Claremont Colleges and to the Tongva people whose land the colleges are on. With a focusContinue reading “Indigenous Struggles and Decolonization”

The United States is at War:

The breakdown of the War on Drugs Disproportionate Effect on Women of Color Website AFCT Coalition: Anti-Blackness, State Violence, and Black Lives Matter Our Purpose: Through our work and research, we have created a project that brings more awareness about the relationships between mass incarceration, anti-blackness, the long term impact of intergenerational trauma, and theContinue reading “The United States is at War:”